Additional Topic-Treatment of Hazardous Materials

In this session we discuss how hazardous materials are handled in warehouse. This scenario is not regularly found in many warehouses and is good to know how to set this up. Please practice this by creating a new material and a new hazardous material number and by linking them together and setting up a putaway and picking search sequence.

The aim of hazardous material handling is to store hazardous materials separately according to storage class and water pollution class.

Storage Class is categorization of hazardous materials according to their storage requirements:

Water Pollution Class is Categorization of hazardous materials according to their capacity for polluting water:

The Storage classes and water pollution classes are pre configured in the system .It is important to note that Materials are assigned to a hazardous material within a geographical region .

A hazardous material's storage and water pollution classes are taken into account during the storage type search. In this way, variable control can be attained and stock placement is achieved according to:

  1. storage type indicator
  2. storage class
  3. water pollution class